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The crown jewel of cryptocurrency projects
From the Dawn of Drops

Dropil has been in the design and concept testing phase since early 2017(1). During the ICO which occurred in early 2018 (2), 30 Billion tokens were created. These tokens were called "Drops" and 50% of the total supply was available during the ICO sale. The ICO sold approximately 12 Billion Drops, leaving a remaining 3 Billion unsold. The unsold tokens, along with 3 Billion tokens from the Founder's supply were distributed to participants in the ICO. This meant that everyone who purchased tokens received an additional 50% bonus. The ICO price was $.005 with a pre-sale at $.0035 not accounting for the 50% bonus everyone received. 

The founder's share of tokens was locked after the ICO and is viewable on the blockchain at the following addresses listed below along with the dates of when they are unlocked (3): 

  • 0x73d644a766591add195443d58eaaa704d48ced12  March 2019
  • 0x932c8ffa0c278b7c454d0186f7fa543c9533e8f5  March 2020
  • 0x2f951e5d4cf261f317a41e81185d850feaa2b7a4  March 2021
  • 0x432789f893984347e68c193aacbd3a3b1207f753  March 2022

With the conclusion of the ICO, the Dropil platform was live, tokens were distributed, and users were able to begin using the first two products released by Dropil, Arthur and Dex. This kicked off some of the strongest development in the cryptocurrency space led by a small team of developers based out of California. 

Dropil Products

Dropil has no shortage of products and features that are already live in addition to everything they're still building. 

  • Dex
  • Arthur
  • Max
  • Jade
  • Seer
  • Zuhex
  • Games
  • Paper
  • Earn Drops
  • Dropil Store 
  • Referral Program
  • Dropil Direct
  • Dropil Chain
  • Dropscribe

Dropil clearly has its sights set on being a comprehensive platform for everyone from the novice to the advanced crypto user. I'm going to break down each product for you to have a better understanding of what each one does.


According to the Dropil website, “Dex is our intelligent trading system that earns you drops based on our automated trading according to smart trading strategies. It is designed to increase your Drop holding based on learning algorithms developed in-house to net you the biggest return.”


What does this mean? It means that when you deposit your Drops in the Dropil platform and add them to Dex, you can make a return on your holdings based on how Dex is performing. Dex runs hundreds of bots across a number of exchanges using funds generated from the ICO. As Dex profits, users are paid out accordingly in terms of Drops based on their holdings. Here’s what the recent monthly returns look like:


There are no guaranteed returns but so far there has not been a negative month with Dex since launch. He’s truly a trading powerhouse. For more information, see the Dex overview on the Dropil website here (4).


Arthur is your one-stop tool for arbitraging, Analysis, and signals for coins, markets, exchanges, and cash-in/cash-out opportunities.”

Arthur is a bot that has quite a few neat little features. For starters, Arthur can show you price differences between two exchanges that empower users to make informed arbitrage decisions. In this case, arbitrage means buying coins on one exchange, sending them to another exchange, and then selling them for a profit.

This is just the start of Arthur though. Arthur can also alert you to changing market conditions via Signals. Users can create custom signals to alert them to changing market conditions such as drastic volume or price surges. No more trying to set Trading View alarms or waking up in the middle of the night to check what markets on the other side of the world are doing while you sleep, Arthur can email or Telegram message you in real-time when the changes happen.

The Cash-In/Cash-Out feature is the third useful capability of Arthur. This feature will give users a path to follow to ensure they make the most of their purchases. For example, if you want to buy Drops, Arthur can show you the way to convert your Bitcoin to Drops the cheapest way possible, saving you money.

For more information on Arthur, check out the Arthur page on the Dropil website here (5).


Max is a coin storage wallet that lets you track your portfolio from different sources. Auto-sync and monitor different token addresses and much more!

Max is an all-in-one crypto wallet that lets users store a variety of coins all on one easy-to-use app. Whether you have Bitcoin or Ethereum or Drops or Litecoin etc. you can store them in Max for easy access at all times. Max also has a built-in portfolio tracker and the ability to monitor external wallets to make keeping track of your funds easily. Max is secure and easy to use, only needing one recovery code instead of dozens of different ones for each of your wallets.

More information about Max can be found on the Dropil website here (6)


Jade is an automated trading bot that is very different from Dex. While Dex is controlled by the Dropil team, is set and forget, and accrues Drops, Jade is customizable and can be used to earn BTC/ETH/USDT. With Jade, users link their own exchange accounts to Jade with API keys and Jade manages their own funds. Money never has to leave your own exchange accounts this way. 

While there is an underlying logic for Jade created by the Dropil team, there is plenty of customizable features that help users tweak their bots to be as profitable as possible. Jade is run on Dropil servers so there is no need to leave your computer running or worry about potential downtime from running the bot yourself. 

Jade can also notify you via Telegram when trades are opened/closed in real-time. For more information about Jade, see the Dropil website page here (7).


Seer is a prediction market like no other. Seer allows users to make wagers on cryptocurrencies and real-life events that are then validated by a trusty admin team. Wagers can be made in Drops or Points (which are free). Points can even be redeemed for Drops, meaning you can earn Drops just by using the platform!

There is even a leaderboard to track top-performing users and see how you stack up against others

More information about Seer is available on the Dropil website here (8).


Zuhex is an up-and-coming cryptocurrency exchange created by Dropil. Featuring a Pro and Simple mode, Zuhex is easily used by anyone. Zuhex features a highly competitive fee schedule and offers hefty discounts for Dropil Holders. 

Zuhex is currently slated for Q1 2020 and should be released soon. Given what we've seen from the Dropil team in the past, I expect nothing short of a beautiful and highly-functional exchange. 

More information about Zuhex can be found on the Zuhex website here (9).

Dropil Games

Dropil Games presents another way for people to utilize their Drops. There are three types of lotteries that all use Drops as the base currency.

Time Lottery chooses one winner every 7 days from all participants. There is a guaranteed winner every week. 

Draw Lottery is like a traditional lottery. Numbers are drawn at random once a day. If there is no winner, the losing tickets are added to the pool and a new number drawn the following day. As of writing, there are nearly 7 million Drops in the Draw Lottery. 

Champion Lottery is a last-man-standing type of game. Whoever purchases the last ticket wins. A timer counts down from 1 hour and once it reaches zero, whoever bought the last ticket wins. The timer is reset every time someone purchases a ticket. 

For more information about Dropil Games, check the landing page here (10).

Dropil Paper

Dropil Paper allows users to generate paper wallets to store their cryptocurrency securely offline. Paper wallets also make great gifts for friends. Because a paper wallet is not connecting in any way to the internet or a computer, it is one of the safest methods of storing coins. Even a hardware wallet cannot compete against entirely cold non-electronic storage. 

With Dropil Paper you can either generate a wallet for yourself or use your pre-existing wallets to create a paper copy of your public and private codes. Please do not use this wallet below, it was created solely for example purposes and the private key included making it insecure. 

To get started creating your own paper wallet, visit the Dropil Paper page here (11).

Earn Drops

Earn Drops provides a way for users to earn Drop Tokens by creating content for Dropil. There have been campaigns for Youtube videos, Medium articles and more.

Users are rewarded based on the quality of their submissions and are allowed to submit multiple submissions, particularly if they are of high quality. 

For more information about active Earn campaigns, see the Earn Drops page here (12).

Dropil Shop

Want to let everyone around you know that you're a Dropil fanatic? Pick up some merch from the Dropil store and rep your favorite bot for the low-low. 

Check out the Drop Shop on the Dropil main website here (13).

Referral Program

Dropil offers a very lucrative referral program for both referrals and referees to earn, so make sure your friends and family know about it! 

You can create a custom referral code at home.dropil.com to reflect your style

Dropil Direct

Dropil Direct allows easy onboarding for users wanting to obtain some Drops. Ignore slippage and exchange registration. Enough exchanges have your information, why give out any more than you need to? 

Grab your Drops directly from the Dropil portal to get them into Dex as fast as possible. More information about Dropil Direct can be found here (14).

Knowledge Base

Struggling with an aspect of the Dropil platform? There are informative articles and in-depth explanations located in the Dropil Knowledge Base. Learn about each tool and service in the Dropil arsenal. The Knowledge Base is the best place to start after this article to make sure you have a firm grasp on Dropil before wading in. The Knowledge Base can be accessed here (15).

Dropil Chain

The Dropil team has been hard at work creating their own blockchain. While the Ethereum blockchain that the Drop Tokens are currently on is not terrible, there are significant flaws that can be improved upon by migrating to Dropil's own chain. While there haven't been many concrete details released, the pre-testnet and proof of concept is already running(16)! 

This blockchain promises to be highly scalable and will likely be a game-changer for Dropil. Information about the Dropil Chain will be released on the official website here (17).


If you're here now, you probably know what Dropscribe is. It's a cryptocurrency blogging platform that allows content creators to earn from their submissions and content consumers to tip those who provide content they appreciate. If Dropscribe is your first impression of Dropil, as you can see above it is only the tip of the iceberg. 

If you've enjoyed my article and still need to sign up for Dropil, please consider using my referral code by following this link.

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