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Earn cryptocurrencies without investing!

Do you ever wonder how people become wealthier? Are you looking to change the way you save money? Want to earn more than a measly 1.20% (on average) on your savings from your bank?

If you answered yes to any or all the above questions, then continue reading for the path to success! First off, I am not going to sell you on the idea that you absolutely need to purchase, invest or trade Bitcoin (I’m not a financial adviser). Actually, stay clear from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency (purchasing) assets until you really wake up and open your eyes, which I aim to do for you.

This is an educational guide and will focus on the new meme #stackingsats. A simple break down of the terminology is that you are essentially accumulating and adding to your position (think of dropping your spare change in your piggy bank). With the digital era upon us and so many FinTech companies popping up to develop ways to save; the opportunity is among us to change our spending and savings habits with a click of a button using technology.

Some of these services will require Bitcoin to be acquired (for the veterans in the space) and the other services will be free of any cryptocurrency purchases and is a means of receiving Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies) without any commitments, just rewards! Please note, I will provide my referral links for these services, which will benefit both parties. You can choose to ignore the referral links and do as you please, but can you really say no to free perks?

Alright, let’s start with my first service that I have been using for a few months. Lolli (Sign-up) pays you with “Bitcoin” back when you shop online using a browser (Chrome works best as of this article). The problem I have with credit cards and their “cashback” incentives is that there is too much friction between the steps. I have to create another portal account, limited rewards choices, payment takes long and etc., With Lolli, I make purchases and when the completion of the purchase is done, my account updates with the Bitcoin value.

Lolli allows your to shop and earn Bitcoin back on purchases!

It’s that easy! Everyone is good at adding items to a shopping cart and making a purchase, so why not receive Bitcoin back and start earning to save for the future?! Happy Shopping!

Moving along, I will share one of my favorite applications that will be the down fall of the corrupt banks (j/k, we all love the banks, right?)! Celsius Network (Sign-up) is a blockchain application (dApp) that allows you to earn interest on your assets. You’re probably thinking, “I have a bank, why do I need this?” I will now blow your mind with a fun fact about our friendly banks (activate sarcasm mode now)… Banks make billions off of us and don’t give a flying $#@% about their customers, that’s why! Hope your mind is blown!

Stake your cryptocurrency with Celsius Network to earn interest. Unbank yourself!

Why is society so entrenched and married to their banks when we can adopt Celsius and earn up-to 10% on cryptocurrencies that are deposited into our accounts?!

Yes, it’s simple. Supply and demand drives the market for the payouts when you “stake” (another fancy way of saying depositing and holding) your cryptos for a set time (weekly). Every Monday I wake up to amazing interest earned by making my money work for me.

The app currently integrates 24+ different currencies and has great features to transfer p2p, borrow loans and much more to come!

We all need to #unbank ourselves from the corporate fat cats! #shortthebanks #longbitcoin!

Are you still here? Good! Now you’ll be introduced to the coolest and e easiest way to earn Bitcoin and/or USD (yuck, why would you want to accumulate a dying asset that depreciates faster than a new car)? Pei app (Sign-up) “Pays” you when you link up your credit and/or debit cards and spend them at physical locations!

Pei ‘Pays’ you to shop at your favorite places!

Pei allows you to “super charge” your cards, which you link to your account. When you find a store, restaurant or venue that is part of the program, you simply pay and then receive the points (see picture for example). Very similar to Lolli, but this works in the real world (not online).

You’d be surprised how quickly and efficiently you rack up the points. When you are ready to withdraw, simply choose which reward you want to review your reward without any hassles.

This solution is by far the safest way for anyone starting their new financial freedom game plan to save.

Lastly, I enjoy trading (stocks, cryptos and other commodities) and with Dropils Jade Bot, I can easily trade Bitcoin (also other cryptos) to accumulate more. Dropil (Sign-up for free) has plenty of information how automated bot trading will be the future. Let’s face it, we don’t have time to day trade and 95% of traders will lose in their first trade. With the Jade bot, I simply choose the cryptocurrency exchange(s) I want Jade to trade on (using API’s) and configure Jade how I want.

Dropil’s Jade Bot works for you while you can enjoy life

I’ve been with the project since day one of the ICO and love the Dropil community. The team is the hardest working group in the blockchain/crypto space and it really shows with all their products they’ve released.

Closing thoughts; the internet brought us a means of connecting and exploring the world, so now we need to utilize it to further expand the way to become financially stable and free! Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and other FinTech companies provide us with that opportunity, so start taking advantage now!

Please provide your comments, feedback and opinions below, so we can grow and share ways to #stacksats!

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