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Creating a positive outlook

Dropil is a Cryptocurrency platform with a variety of tools and applications.

Dropil has been around for more than two years which is a lot longer than many other crypto platforms. They have a small, yet devoted community and the Dropil owners, who are also the developers, have always been transparent and can often be seen answering questions on their social media platforms, especially on Telegram.

The whole look and feel of the platform is slick and any downtime has been kept to a minimum and has usually only been for enhancing the system.

Over the many months of existence the developers had a habit of surprising their followers with announcements about new features and enhancements including their own trading bot, a multi-currency wallet and a prediction application to name just a few. And, the current plan is to create their own exchange and blockchain which understandably caused plenty of excitement within their community.

However, it has just been announced that DEX, which is their application that is used to hold and accumulate their ‘DROP’ tokens, has abruptly ended. At the time of writing, there has not been a full explanation for this ‘plug pulling’ apart from that there are ‘legal reasons’. Judging by the speed of this action, there must be pretty serious reasons such as possibly US government rules and regulations having to be adhered to.

Following the announcement that DEX was ending, obvious panic and selling immediately took place which also led to some in their community saying that the end is in sight, but wait.. this could actually be a new more mature phase for Dropil. Let me explain.

Like many others, I was an early Dropil pre-ICO investor and I have witnessed plenty of initial bad hype due to some likening the DEX system to the ‘BitConnect’ outfit. Also, regular comments such as “2% or more interest in just 14 days simply by holding DROPS is simply too good to be true”. Yet all along people were regularly cashing in their token profits and earning varying amounts of gains depending on interest levels.

To me the Dropil DEX system was exciting yet I couldn't help worrying sometimes that something was going to come along and spoil it. Everything that the developers have created though has worked flawlessly and has been delivered in style and the forthcoming exchange (which is currently in Beta), will no doubt be the same. In fact, It is the exchange launch that will bring Dropil out of High School and into University. The clouds of DEX that have been hanging above will clear, the reliable professionalism will take over and this is when we will see Dropil mature into a world leading crypto platform.

What about the value of the token and the fact that most people were initially in it for the gains within the DEX application? Well there has already been talk of future conventional staking and when the token is converted to their new blockchain, the supply and value could well change also. The developers have always been full of surprises and yet have appeared to be honest and upfront as well as complying with regulations, including KYC. There has also been a fair amount of criticism about the apparent lack of marketing, but I think the community will now realize that this was a sensible move to get things right with all the legalities in place before shouting out to the world.

The Developers have always been full of surprises but if this isn't the start of a new beginning then that would be the biggest surprise for me!

Source: https://medium.com/@andywillisdrums/dropil-grows-up-in-a-dropil-sort-of-way-89cf4d2f8eb5
Source: https://twitter.com/andywilsondrums/status/1233875514491908101
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