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The definition of Token Economy = Dropil

“A True T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More) Community!”

My Crypto Experience: The date is around early December 2017 and I just dipped my toes into the Crypto currency market. After months of forgetting to follow up on that text from my brother 6 months prior, the crypto market was on FIRE at this time and in its 4th year post Bitcoin halving Bull run. And of course like everyone else, I caught the “Bitcoin & Crypto Fever” and it was on! So with my last $100 (Never invest more than you can afford to lose, blah blah blah is all I heard, not to mention the year prior I lost $30K in a bad Real Estate deal) I bought my 1st Crypto currency. At the time 1 Litecoin = $94 on a Friday and that following Tuesday 1 Litecoin was now @ $104. So I felt my 1st F.O.M.O. reality kicked in! What a F’n rush! Within 3 weeks I turned that $104 crypto investment into $3,000, and a new Crypto addict was born!

January 7th 2018, Crypto market cap (CMC) is @ $830B, every ICO was 50–100Xing and now it’s time to “When Moon”, When Lambo”?! Well by February 5th 2018 in just 30days time, the Crypto market cap (CMC) is now $292.5B (-$537.5B), & I’m like “WTF buy the DIP”! And at this time I realized I needed to learn more, create a strategy, acquire tools (for my Crypto Tool Box) and get more insight on this new emerging industry and Asset class, as well as what/ who are the players involved. I was told and often heard the term “White Paper”, sound familiar? You know that good ole “Read the White Paper, Roadmap, DYOR, etc. And so I did just that.

What I was Looking for: After trying out another Trading Bot that required its users to set the Bot themselves, for a first timer, it did not work out to well. But I felt I was on to something in the right forward thinking idea state of mind on how to create “Passive Income” & NOT “F.O.M.O.”while learning more about the Crypto & Blockchain space. And adding a A.I. Automated Trading bot to my tool box was Key.Next “DYOR”, Read the “White Paper” and you should be good, right? Wrong! When I quickly learned that white paper alone was just a white paper alone and without product, it’s still just white paper and no value, just full of hopium. So now as I’m doing my own research on projects I looked for 3 things, a working Product, a working Product, a working Product!And then … BAM!          Dropil.com

The Team: As I found Dropil (in Feb. 2018) in the “Day 1/ ICO” stage with a working product, Dropil A.K.A. “The Guys” or “The Team” had a video interview w/ Youtube influencer Mike Michaels in Raw, that’s right Raw form… meaning no fluff, no hype and a working product ready to launch that made sense for mass adoption. As an entrepreneur myself I smelled win-win!

This Team has shown extensive dedication, knowledge, work ethic like you wouldn’t believe (unless you get involved to DYOR)… not only to their project and product from top notch to basic bottom, but to its organic grass roots community, which we can be a little demanding at times. They have always and I mean ALWAYS heard our cries. And the Dropil team and Admins for Dropils social outlets have always included the community request as a way to build stronger, interactive, simple ease of use products and tools for mass adoption to the Crypto space. I have also personally met some of the team at local meet ups on 2 separate occasions (@Cryptos & Token)

and I have to say that the Dropil team are serious builders for the crypto space. In just 18 months (BTW the 1st 15 of those months was the 2018 Bear Market) Dropil has created several more products that compliment the Dropil Eco-system that are currently available and are building for mass adoption! I will be covering more of these products and services currently offered by Dropil in more articles to come. Until then check out all of what Dropil has to offer @: and their Youtube channel for the most recent updated tutorials on the Dropil products and services they offer now! Wait til you see this!

To Be Continued …

Source: https://medium.com/@incentiveinvestments/dropil-how-i-found-this-undervalued-project-and-my-experience-c9f5e6b17da9
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