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Starting from this post, I will write the ways of how to earn money while sleeping in "To Bear, or Not To Bear" series. Some may call "earning money while sleeping" as passive income. 

In this post, I will share information about BitUniverse Grid Trading Bot (BUGTB) which I know since its launch but I underestimate without trying it (based on my previous experiences on other platforms) :) BUGTB is a bot but you may choose fully automated bot or semi-automated bot. The difference is that you have to specify the parameters of the bot manually for the latter. Of course, as a lazy person, I use fully-automated AI-based bot :) I want just easy money, not to deal with some parameters.

Step-By-Step BUGTB usage for the sake of easy money:

1- If not registered, register to one of these exchanges which support grid trading: Binance , KuCoin, Huobi, OKEx, BitMax, Bittrex, FCoinPoloniex

2- Enter your email address here and then click "Get My Free Bot" button.

3- Download iOS or Android app from the opened page.

4- Open the application and go to "Account" tab.

5- Sign up Bituniverse.

6- Go to "Portfolio" tab.

7- Tap "+" at the top-right of the screen.

8- Register your API Keys which created by the exchanges (e.g. https://www.binance.com/userCenter/createApi.html for Binance, https://www.kucoin.com/account/api for KuCoin) to the app. Do not forget that API Keys must have "Trade" permission. So check the corresponding checkbox if not so.

9- Go to "Trade" tab.

Now, you should be in the similar screen to below:


Here, you invest in BTC, not ETH. As you may understand easily, because of that, a user can invest in only quote currencies. These are usually BTC, ETH, USDT etc. I use Binance and KuCoin for my investments since they have several quote currencies (BNB, NEO, KCS, XRP) in addition to those classic ones. If you want to invest in other coins/tokens, sorry but BUGBT is useless for you. 

As I mentioned earlier, grid trading has two modes: "Use AI Strategy" (fully-automated), "Set Myself" (Semi-automated). Since I do not deal with the parameters, I always select "Use AI Strategy". If you are an advanced user in trading, you may try semi-automated mode. 

After selecting the trading mode, then we choose how many percent we want to invest. The asset of the base currency in the trading pair is calculated in terms of the quote currency. So the total investable amount in terms of quote currency is obtained. Using sliding bar, you select the percentage of this total investable amount. The remaining part is not subject to trading. Finally, we tap "Create" button (not seen in the screenshot above) and sleep :)


Waking up, you may see such a screen above. Let me explain the screen. I invest in KCS and BTC using NEO/KCS and AOA/BTC pairs. "Total Invest" shows my total investment in terms of the quote currency. "Grid profit" shows my realized profit and its percentage to the total investment in terms of the quote currency. "Lasting time" shows how much time elapsed after I tap "Create" button. "Annualized return" shows how much profit you will obtain that if the current trading performance continues. Formula is "Realized Profit / Total investment / Lasting time(normalized into days) * 365 * 100%". "Transactions" shows the number of transactions performed and "Current Price" shows the current value of the trading pair. The others are AI-determined parameters of the bot. As I said, I'm a lazy person and do not want to deal with the parameters. So I will not go into the details of them :) 


If you want to see some transaction details, you may tap "Transaction Detail". A screen similar to the above appears. You may see open/completed buy and sell orders. In addition to realized profit (Grid profit), you may see unrealized profit whose formula is "(base current price — Average buy price)* holding base quantity". You may find all the formulas here

I use BUGBT for nearly one week. To my experience, higher volatility means higher profit. I'm trying to catch high volatility pairs by looking at "7D Backtesting annualized return" (see the first screenshot). I usually prefer the ones with these values greater than 400%. The cover image shows some of my profits.

As a last but important note, if you fear to miss out the bull market, you may try Infinity Grid Trading Bot in Pionex which belongs to the company which is the owner of Bituniverse itself. This exchange suggests really low trading fee (0.05%) for both makers and takers to everyone.

ATTENTION: Please notice that this bot does not guarantee passive income like interest. As you may obtain profit, you may lose some of your investment, too. 

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