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It's the final day of the Jade vs HYIP challenge, who is the real winner?

Final Day

Well I made it to the end of the final day of the challenge and on the final day Jade managed to get 7 trades, which was great, they where all IOTA and LSK trades. Lets watch the replay of the last day of this epic battle. IOTA trades were just straight forward, In and out no messing, take the money and run lol, with IOTA she made 4 trades and got $0.37 profit.

IOTA Chart

With LSK Jade did good too, the first trade LSK did manage to break through the first safety net but nothing to worry about, she made 3 trades with LSK making a profit of $0.38.

LSK Chart

So I hear you say what about BRD, well that was so so close, I really thought it was going to close which would of been epic for this final, it did go into the green and I was so tempted to manually close it with a profit but I thought it would of been unfair on Jade so I let it ride out, BRD did lick the bottom of the sell target but wasn't enough for Jade to close it, so at the end of this challenge, we still have one open trade.

BRD Chart

Final Result

The results are in and if you were in a HYIP that paid 5% a day and you managed not get scammed you would of made $225. Jade has made 108 successful trades, 0 losses and is left with one open trade, this is very impressive to be honest, she made a total profit of $12.79, my initial investment of $150.08 is now $175.89, so in total I've got $188.68, that is just $36.32 away from the target of beating the HYIP.

Below are the screen shots of all the data of this challenge, if you look at the graphs you will see a good progressive positive curve.

Page 11 Trade History

Page 10 Trade History

Page 9 Trade History

Page 8 Trade History

Page 7 Trade History

Page 6 Trade History

Page 5 Trade History

Page 4 Trade History

Page 3 Trade History

Page 2 Trade History

Page 1 Trade History

Current Open Position

Hourly Graph

Daily Graph

Weekly Graph

Monthly Graph

Conclusion on Jade vs HYIP

Well the battle may have been lost but not the war, so I guess people will be asking me, if I'll be going to do HYIPs?, the answer is a straight big NO, I will be sticking to my winning formula with Jade, why would I take the risk of putting money in a HYIP and losing it, how many people have put their money in a HYIP and the next day it scammed out? how many people didn't get all their ROI back because it scammed out? how many people have to wait to make a certain amount to withdraw the minimum from the HYIP? If you have loads of money to burn then it's up to you if you want to throw your money away on a HYIP, you could put $150 in it and if you lose it then I guess you can always wait for your next pay check to put another $150 in the next HYIP until that scams out.

Jade didn't fail on this challenge, it was me really, my settings were very conservative with it's low take profit target and then we did have the maintenance down time, ( take note maintenance isn't an exit scam lol ), it didn't help as I couldn't get to the settings but Jade did continue to keep trading in the background so I give her credit for that.

If I had to do this challenge again, I would probably put the take profit a little higher, I could of avoided holding BRD, if I kept an eye on BRD on the 24H exchange volume on Binance and used a blacklist a bit more, as BTC rises so does the value of the volume, so when I started BTC it was around the $8000 mark so the lowest I would set my 24H volume would be 50 BTC, today BTC is above $10000 mark so the lowest I would go would be about 150 to 200 BTC or so. This is just to avoid them coins that don't have much movement in them. If I do the scalping then I would raise the 24h volume for that, because that's how I end up with BRD, my 24H Vol was set to 50 BTC and I believe BRD was a low vol coin which spiked and then went back down below 5 BTC.

For future Jade use I will be putting in more BTC to get more available positions and if I'm not doing a challenge I would keep my take profit low since I'm very happy with the result she gives.

Jade was only $36.32 away from the target of this challenge all I have to do is wait, she isn't gonna scam out on me, my money isn't locked away in a platform, I can always take my money out, I used BTC and you can clearly see Jade making me profit with all the evidence, all the transparency, all in my control. Not only do I have the stats on the Jade portal but on Binance as well. The other benefit of me holding the BTC is as the price of BTC goes up so does my holdings, as you can clearly see my $150.08 is now $175.89 and if the market goes down I'm not worried because Jade will make me more BTC so when the market rises back up so will my value of my holdings. Remember that no matter how bad the market gets it will not scam out unlike the HYIP, you just need to be patient. Let me show you something which happened about 6 hours after the challenge ended, BRD came back form its long vacation and Jade closed the final trade getting $0.61 profit, so really as of this moment she has 109 successful trades, 0 losses and 0 open trades, that's a 100% result, now I ask you, why would you do a HYIP when you have a bot that can give you results like that?

BRD Chart

BRD sold Trade History

No open positions

Jade Notification of BRD Closed Deal

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This article should not be taken as financial advice and should be seen as my experience/challenge with Jade. You are responsible for your own actions and should seek advice from a professional when it comes to investing.

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