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Jade breaks past the 100 trade mark with 0 losses

Day 30

Jade has had a good trade day today making a successful of 6 profitable trades but lets start off with the elephant in the room, yes I’m talking about BRD, it seems to prancing around the 3rd safety net but it looks better than it was last week at least.

BRD Chart

Jade managed to get four trades with IOTA which seemed to have went smoothly making a total of $0.23 profit.

IOTA Chart

LSK started off playing difficult by breaking through the first 2 safety nets but at the end Jade managed to get to close 2 trades making a profit of $0.25

LSK Chart

Result of Day 29

Ok it looks like Jade has broken through the 100 trade mark, she currently has 3 open orders with IOTA, LSK and BRD, she has a total of 101 successive closed trades making a total profit of $11.91 and has 0 losses.

Page 11 Trade History

Page 10 Trade History

Page 9 Trade History

Page 8 Trade History

Page 7 Trade History

Page 6 Trade History

Page 5 Trade History

Page 4 Trade History

Page 3 Trade History

Page 2 Trade History

Page 1 Trade History

Current Open Position

Up to date settings

With one day to go to end this challenge I’ve taken the trailing stop loss out, I’ve raised the take profit to 1%, my price buffer is set to 3% and my 24h exchange volume is at 400 BTC.

Current Jade Settings

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You can follow me on Twitter for all the updates on the challenge and much more


This article should not be taken as financial advice and should be seen as my experience/challenge with Jade. You are responsible for your own actions and should seek advice from a professional when it comes to investing.

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