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Jade comes back with a punch

Day 25

Looks like Jade is still under maintenance but after losing to yesterdays prediction, bad ass Jade comes back with a punch.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

I’m still holding BRD which looks like it’s figure skating, maybe it’s getting ready for the winter olympics, who knows, so while that coin has been doing it’s thing Jade has been doing her thing, making 6 trades today, which is great considering she is under maintenance and I can’t edit the settings.

BRD Chart

She bought ETC and sold that with in a space of an hour, making a profit of $0.07

ETC Chart

She did a total of two trades with IOTA. IOTA managed to hit the first safey net on the first trade but Jade managed to get $0.16 profit and very quickly opened a second trade straight after and made a profit of $0.11.

IOTA Chart

Jade opened up 3 trades with AION, again the first trade hit the safty net just like what happened with IOTA but she manages $0.10 profit, the second trade she made $0.06 and the third she managed to get $0.09 profit.

AION Chart

Result of Day 24

It’s been a good result today for Jade considering I couldn’t edit the setting. The six trades made a total of $0.59 which now gives me a grand total of $8.87 profit. Jade has 83 trades under her belt with 0 losses and has 3 open positions with AION, IOTA and BRD.

Binance Trade History of for Today Page 2

Binance Trade History of for Today Page 1

Current Open Position

Up to date settings

Due to maintenance, the setting stay the same.

Current Jade Settings

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This article should not be taken as financial advice and should be seen as my experience/challenge with Jade. You are responsible for your own actions and should seek advice from a professional when it comes to investing.

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