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Jade has 77 closed trades, 0 losses

Day 21

Jade is still under maintenance, the good news is we got an announcement from Jeremy who is the Co-founder of Dropil.

“We are actively working on Jade. In the meantime, we will push a small update to the portal indicating that there is maintenance to prevent further confusion.”

– Jeremy McAlpine ( Co-founder of Dropil )

So now if you go onto the Jade portal you will see a sign up explaining how to stop your bot if you wish it to stop running, while it’s under maintenance. It also mentions about refunds for those who have subscriptions.

Jade portal notice

So it looks like they are still working away sorting out the problem which is good. Since my settings are still in a more or less safe mode for these market conditions, I will not be stopping my bot. I have 3 positions for trading and 2 are empty ready for Jade to fill, the other position is still holding BRD but good news with that, it looks like BRD is still heading north and getting closer to my 3rd safety net.

BRD Chart

Result of Day 20

Well I can’t show you the results since Jades dashboard is down but I can access my general graph which shows an over all of my current bot and another bot that I have on pause, which I used to test Jade out before the challenge and yes that bot gave me about 70 closed trades with 0 losses and was pause with no open trades.

Total Closed Realised Profit

Since Jade hasn’t bought nothing today, then the result is more or less the same as yesterday, Jade has made $8.28 profit, with 77 closed trades, 0 losses and one open trade.

Up to date settings

And yes you guessed it, the settings will still be the same as yesterdays.

Current Jade Settings

Join Dropil

If you wish to join Dropil click here, it’s free to make an account and you will find loads of other great apps that Dropil do.

If you want to use my referral link to join you can but I don’t mind if you do or don’t, just you joining Dropil would be good enough for me but if you want to use it just click here, if you use my Dropil ref link and you decide to use their Dex service you and Me will receive $5 in Drops once you have complete your first Dex cycle, if you want to know more about Dex click here, you will also get 10% off all premium services for life, which is good but remember you can still use Jade for free and other services to make your crypto.

You can follow me on Twitter for all the updates on the challenge and much more


This article should not be taken as financial advice and should be seen as my experience/challenge with Jade. You are responsible for your own actions and should seek advice from a professional when it comes to investing.

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