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Hugoxytocin (Hox Token) New Exchange



The aim of the HOX project is to bring people into real-life happiness by using the venom of today's technology as an anti-venom.
HOX token focuses 2 oxytocin hormone extractors Hugging and Donation while people save their pockets:
Hug Oxytocin project makes people real social. Today, everyone has smartphones at hand, they surely have a social network. Hug Oxytocin fully carries the social network to real life and enables people to mingle with each other. It will do this through the Hugo App. When people communicate with each other, eating, drinking, entertainment etc. they will earn both discounts and HOX tokens from places where they pay. When people meet, HOX Token will not only get a discount, they will also mint the HOX token by POM (Proof of Meet). Businesses will provide customer loyalty by getting memberships with the HOX token via the Hugo App. Individual Hugo App users will have the chance to have more HOX tokens, more discounts and more people to reach, according to their membership categories. On the other hand, by organizing donation campaigns in the local, national and international environment, organizers will both help those who are in need and earn HOX token themselves. HOX Token will also be used as a commission method to transact cryptocurrencies between Hugo App users. Also, Hugo App will be providing as a cryptocurrency wallet. As a result, HOX Token should be viewed as a fuel that enables the movement of Hugo App.

Project creation, scientific and economic research made by Assoc. Dr. by Selçuk Topal has more than 30 scientific articles on logic, computer science, quantum, decision making and mathematics. Complete and effective running of each phase of the project is carried out by TIM AFZ, which has worked with companies such as NASA, Aerospace.




100 Million Total Supply, 67M mintable hox token

Basic Information

1. Contract Address: 0x956eaaaacb521558cd4485115df412aa01f1057e

2. Project Name: HUG OXYTOCIN

3. Project Website: http://hugoxytocin.io/

4. Project Email Address: [email protected]

5. Link to download 256x256 png icon logo:

https://yadi.sk/i/zpUYtsivAjC_IQ 6.

Project Description: The HOX project is a unique project that strives to bring wholesome happiness to all humanity. The philosophy driving the project is based on empirically proven scientific research. HOX token provides discounts, donation organizations and token transfers and it will be minted when ones meet.

6. Project Sector: Application, Meeting, Social Media, Donation Organization, Business Services Social Profiles

7. Link to Medium : https://medium.com/@hoxtoken

8. Link to GitHub : https://github.com/HoxTokenMint/HOX

9. Link to Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/user/HoxToken/

10. Link to Telegram : https://t.me/hugoxytocinio

11. Link to Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/hugoxytocin

12. Link to Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/hox-token-4298a3189/

13. Link to Twitter : https://twitter.com/hoxtoken

14. Link to Whitepaper (optional): http://hugoxytocin.io/assets/Upload/wpFinal.pdf



Source: https://www.publish0x.com/tag/hox-token-tygdljr
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