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MLB 2020 FTW!

I'm a poor lonely Angels fan!

Phew, glad I cleared the air with that sad and enthusiastic statement. Yes, baseball brings the inner nerd in us. Whether you're into the sport because of the stats, traveling, ball park food or simply for the love of the game, you can't deny the uniqueness of the sport!

For the past five years, I've been setting goals to travel and follow my local team; the "Los Angeles" (really Anaheim) Angels. I'm still a bit salty over the whole debacle of renaming the location of the team, but I learned to live with it... Anyhow, I support the team and love traveling, so both hand-in-hand for me and makes the experience much better!

I don't want to make this strictly about the Angels, but rather about baseball in general and to provide a quick explanation of why this season will be marvelous! Here are the main reasons, which should raise your brows:

  1. Follow the Astros and how they handle the pressure and boos at away games
  2. Rooting for the Dodgers to see if they can buy their championship, finally...
  3. Monitoring all teams that have been flagged as cheaters
  4. Spotting the true underdogs
  5. Scrutinize Trout because it is now time for him to shine and bring home the bacon
  6. Will the 'Champs' choke this year?

These are just a handful of topics that can be discussed within each other and have a lengthy discussion over a pint of beer, but ponder this; has the MLB been this dramatic in the last 30 years?

What I think makes this year special is that all the off-season drama, which incurred is going to build up (much like Bitcoin will trying to hit $20,000!) for a glorious outcome at the end.

We're literally witnessing one of the best baseball players trying to lift a whole team on his shoulders and win it all. Yes, Trout won't be cheated this year (looking at your Astro pitchers)! Keeping up with all the ammo that the Dodgers are stacking on their roster is no joke and many will ask the question, "Were the Nationals really that impressive"? 

I hope I've hyped you up just a tad bit, but you can see how the game of baseball can be a parity league and magic can really happen. Opening season is quickly approaching and this year will for sure be epic!

Let us know your thoughts and opinions for the upcoming MLB season.

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