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Tomorrows Token Economy
  Now that I have giving you a little background on how I entered the crypto space, one of the BIGGEST motivations for me to look into the Dropil.com platform was TIME, not enough time! Not enough time for me to do the things in my life that matter to me the most. Ask yourself what matters to you most? Is it more time with your family, Friends? Is it Financial freedom, traveling and improving your health? Is it “When Lambo!”? How about passive residual income, making your $$$ work for you? (or Crypto in this case) You know studies have shown and echoed the economic halls for decades that in fact most people with a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke), are just one pay check away from being homeless!

Stop ... Take a few seconds to reflect on the current 2019 economic conditions worldwide. . . . . . I can do it in less then 1/2 a second, It’s … (pardon my France) ..F’d Up! (I digress).

LOL. Now I would like to tell you why I believe in the Dropil platform, its utility, the necessity of the Dropil products and services and the benefits of the Dropil Eco-System that will play a major role in mass adoption of Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies.


First it’s important to have a general idea of what a Token Economy is and how a token is used with in its Eco-system. The following information is something I found doing my own research (DYOR) pertaining to Token Economics.

Each role has a key purpose, as depicted in the below chart. (The following information Republished from Startup Management, additional pictures by Incentive Investments LLC.).

The Right

Owning a token bestows a right that results in product usage, a governance action, a given contribution, voting, or plain access to the product or market. In some cases, tokens will grant real ownership, even if most organizations are trying to avoid passing the Howey Test by skirting around the ownership aspect.


The Value Exchange

The token is also an atomic unit of value exchange inside a particular market or app, resulting in the creation of a transactional economy between buyers and sellers. This consists of features that allow users to earn value and to spend it on services that are internal to the inherent ecosystem. They can earn it by doing active work (real work and actions), or passive work (e.g. sharing data). The creation of such an internal economy is arguably one of the most important outcomes, and one that must be sustained over time.

“Full Transparency” I am an Ambassador for Dropil and I am Earning Dropil Tokens (DROP) for this article. That’s part of Tokenomics!

Referral programs are a great way to earn DROPS!

This is my merchandise I bought on the Dropil platform using Arthur product to find the best way to convert my Dropil Token (DROP) to BTC, ETH or USDC. Dropil.com accept BTC,ETH & USDC to purchase merchandise.

Scan the barcode on the bot above to meet “DEX”!

The Toll

Just like paying a toll to use a freeway, the token can be the pay- per-use rail for getting on the blockchain infrastructure or for using the product. This also ensures that users have skin in the game. It can include running smart contracts to perform a specific function, paying for a security deposit, or plain usage fees in the form of transaction fees or other metered metric.                               

With Jade you can trade to accumulate BTC, ETH, USDT and BNB.

The Function

The token can also be used as a lever to enrich the user experience, including basic actions like joining a network, or connecting with users. It can also be used as an incentive, if it is given in return to begin usage or for on-boarding.


(In a world full of forecast and speculation, Why not SEER for yourself? Referral programs are a great way to earn DROPS!)

The Currency

The token is a very efficient payment method and transaction engine of choice. This is key for enabling frictionless transactions inside these closed environments. For the first time, companies can be their own payment processors without the cumbersome or costly aspects of traditional financial settlement options. Tokens offer a much lower barrier for processing end-to-end transactions inside a given market.

The Earnings

An equitable redistribution of the resulting increased value is part of what blockchain-based models can enable. Whether it is profit sharing, benefits sharing or other benefits (such as from inflation), sharing the upside with all the stakeholders is expected.

In Summary

I know it’s a lot to take in, and if you are new to the Crypto space I can tell your excited (wild guess). It can be hard to be able to see past the thick F.E.A.R. (False.Evidence.Appearing.Real) smoke and mirrors in the crypto space. But think of the possibilities that you can create for your life investing in yourself.

I believe in order to be successful in “mass adoption” you have to BUILD a bridge between the gap of the old and the “Right Now” generation. This can be done by creating simplified products that work, easy to understand, have a strong “Tokenomics” business model cause this iiiis the future, a Dev team that keeps building, a dependable support team and don’t forgot that awesome T.E.A.M (Together.Everyone.Achieves.More) community! (“Full Transparency” that was shout out to the Dropil Telegram community! Come check us out.)

See I am one of the masses and the Dropil Eco-system is just one more thing that is a necessity to have in my “Crypto Tool Box”! Remember that being an early adopter has its challenges and Dropil has been over coming these challenges 1 @ a time with style! And if you are in the Crypto space or your reading this, you too have taken your steps to over coming your financial challenges and taking action outside the box!

(To be continued) . . .

Source: https://medium.com/@incentiveinvestments/dropil-utility-token-eco-system-products-and-services-tokenomics-c52f57261e14
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