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Publish0x is a crypto agnostic, Medium.com like publishing platform that rewards both authors and readers. Readers may send a tip to the authors and get a portion of the tip for themselves. Tips are free for both reader and author. I use "reader" word but in fact, you don't need to read to tip the author. However, I suggest reading :) In this article, I explain how to use micro rewards coming from Publish0x as investment.

You are earning some tokens as a reader and/or author in Publish0x. If you are just a reader or an unpopular author, it means that you earn Publish0x rewards in little amounts (dust). Right? :)  If you withdraw these tokens (BNTY, HYDRO, DAI, BAT) directly to your Ethereum wallet, you will have to spend some gas fees to send the tokens to the exchanges. Furthermore, if you are a hodler, holding such little amounts in various tokens is not a good investment option in my humble opinion. So, what am I doing? I believe that the tokens of popular exchanges will make us earn higher while we are going to mass adoption. That's why I withdraw the tokens I earned from Publish0x to the exchanges which have the dust collector feature. I mainly use Binance and Gate.io exchanges but I list big and popular exchanges that may convert the tokens which Publish0x gives as a reward to their native tokens in the table below. X-mark means that the corresponding token is listed in the exchange in that row.

As you may notice easily, I list ZEN coin -which Publish0x does not give- in the table as a bonus since its official faucet pays some amount of coins directly to your ZEN wallet. No waiting, no minimum withdrawal amount, nothing but just payment. Furthermore, if you bind your Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook accounts via "Bonus" tab, the amount is multiplied. Not over yet :), if you claim your coins for five consecutive days, it pays much more. 

Binance (BNB) X       X
Bitmax (BMTX)  X        
Coinex (CET) X   X X X
Gate.io (GT)   X X X  
Huobi (HT) X       X


The ones who do not know how to withdraw their rewards may follow the steps below:

1- Open https://www.publish0x.com/user/payment/ page.

2- Click Withdraw button next to the token which you withdraw. NOTE: You may withdraw more than one token and your tokens will be sent to you on the next Monday. I made the withdrawal 2-3 times flawlessly.



3- Click Confirm Withdrawal button in the opened dialog. NOTE: If you want to change your payment address, click Edit Address link. In the opened page, change your address and click Save button. You will receive a confirmation e-mail for the wallet change. In that e-mail, click Confirm Wallet Address Change button (or the link below if you do not see the button) and see the confirmation page. It's over :)



4- Wait for the next Monday to receive your withdrawal. That's all.

Source: https://www.publish0x.com/abduraman/publish0xtutorials-how-to-invest-dust-rewards-effectively-xkwnmr
Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/scazon/3039180812
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